until the end.

and when all seems hopeless
one thing remains
your hand in mine.



I crawl towards the light
from the confines of the shadows
ready to feel at peace



Your stern, yet gentle voice is the only thing I long to hear
guiding me, transforming me into your perfect toy.
As your powerful hands engulf me
allowing me not chance to escape
forcing me to face my fears.
While you mark me
so there’s no question in my mind
that I belong to you.

forever dancing.

And as we dance to the song of our hormones racing
while we leave our mark on one another
I long to hear those words
that have danced behind your lips.

And as our bodies fall into one another
your eyes say what your voice can’t.
I wake with a jolt
Left in shambles by another hopeless dream.

sit with me.

I stare out to the sleepless city
Watching the cars race by from across the river
Yet I hear no sound
No sirens
No chaos
I’m alone in my thoughts
Occasionally disturbed by the crash of the river on the rocks


You’ve become a stranger
Caught up in becoming a star
Trying to capture a glimmer
as you fade out into a dull glow

You’ve become a stranger again
another nameless gray face
In a world of colour that you’re too afraid
to explore.


and there’s something beautiful
in the silence
that plagues the darkness
twisting our fantasies
and making them our realities
distorting our perception
of who we are
and what we want
until there’s nothing left
and we’re just a shell.


wander along the path
outlined by our bodies
entwined by our desires
engulfed in love
embrace my vulnerability
and show me that i don’t need to be afraid
breathe me in
like i’m the last breath you’ll ever take
as i trace along the outline of your lips
and drown in the oceans of your eyes
as your arms wrap around me
and your voice sings a melody
that i’ve never heard before